Wigan Congestion Study

Wigan Council has commissioned Forecasting and Analytical Services to assess road traffic congestion in Wigan District and to identify congestion hotspots.

Data for Wigan from the following data sources is being brought together and analysed:

  • ITIS Speed data
    • Plots of traffic speeds across the borough
    • Identification of the ‘slowest’ links
    • Analysis of average traffic speeds by road type
    • Comparisons to Greater Manchester

  • Moving Observer Speed data from GMTIMES
    • Speed plots for the journey time surveys undertaken within the borough
    • Identification of where main delays occur on these routes

  • GMATS and JETTS roadside interview and public transport surveys
    • Plots of origins and destinations of vehicles and bus passengers travelling through sites identified as from the ITIS data as having the worst problems
    • Origin-destination tabulations
    • Average trip lengths by time of day
    • Trip purpose by time of day

    • Traffic Flow data for the same roads as the origin-destination analysis by time of day
    • Mix of traffic by time of day

  • Journey to work data from the 1991 and 2001 National Censuses
    • Origin (home) to destination (work) matrices of Wigan residents by mode of travel
    • Origin (work) to destination (home) matrices of Wigan workers by mode of travel

For more information contact Melanie Newall, 0161 244 1699

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