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Mapping safer routes to schools

Highways Forecasting and Analytical services (GMTU as was) were commissioned to undertake an audit of the physical condition of footpaths and junctions around 90 schools within Rochdale, under a project heading ‘Sustainable Modes of Travel to Schools’. The information gathered provided a picture of the routes to assist in the planning, and was made available to the pupils through a website. Here, children can plot their own routes and the routes of their friends to encourage them to walk or cycle to school. The intention was to help increase the number of pupils taking greener transport options and to help them choose the most direct and safest route.

The solution involved HFAS building a transport network using MapInfo GIS software for an 800m radius of each school, focussing on footpaths and road junctions within residential areas as the most likely routes children would take.  A traffic light system was then developed to grade the condition of each route.

To aid the data capture process the ability to record the information whilst out on site was paramount. Here we used our mapping skills and worked closely with Dotted Eyes Ltd to develop a MapInfo based solution using GBM Mobile hand–held devices.

Click here to read the full case study written by Dotted Eyes.

Last updated: 26 August 2011

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