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Bolton Town Centre

extract from mapWork is currently in hand to update the Bolton Saturn computer model.

The model was originally set up in the 1980s, and in 2001, Bolton MBC commissioned Forecasting and Analytical Services to update and extend it. A comprehensive set of traffic counts and carpark surveys was done to provide data for the new model. All the network detail was checked, and the trip matrices were updated with the new traffic counts. The model was selectively updated in 2004 to reflect then new developments.

Following the opening of further significant new retail developments, and to permit testing of further traffic management and development possibilities, Bolton MBC commissioned Forecasting and Analytical Services in 2006 to update the model, and a further set of traffic counts was done. Work is underway to validate the model, ie, to show that it reproduces current conditions well in the study area.

The new model will then be used to test options in the town centre strategy for traffic management and development. The tests are likely to include:

  • a possible bus circulatory system around the edge of the pedestrianised area
  • new developments and associated traffic management arrangements
  • a possible relocation of the bus station to a site near the railway station, to provide convenient interchange.

View an extract of the network (pdf format, 714Kb)


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Last updated: 24 October 2006

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