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Online road accident map

Highways Forecasting and Analytical Services has developed an online interactive map of road accidents in the Greater Manchester area. The map is intended to be used by the general public and displays accidents from the past ten years and is updated every three months. The current system contains accidents up to the end of June 2010.

accidents map extractIn addition there is a search form to allow our website visitors to view summary information for their ward and another form to allow visitors to list accidents on their own street.

For data protection reasons we are limited in the amount of detail we can display for an individual accident to the year, week day, number of casualties and the severity of the accident.

The system was developed in partnership with the ten local authorities of Greater Manchester.

The map also displays traffic count information for some lengths of road in the form of AAWT (annual average weekday) and AADT (annual average daily) traffic flows.

View the map

We have developed a more detailed system for use by local authority professionals. This system is secure and will require registration before use. If you work in a Greater Manchester authority and are interested in accessing the database then please contact us.


For more information, please contact: Melanie Newall, 0161 244 1699

Last updated: 05 January, 2020

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