Road accident data request

This data is only available to transport consultants working on a relevant project. If you are a member of the public you should request accident data from your local authority. If you are a solicitor please contact Greater Manchester Police.

You will be prompted to:

1. Complete a form asking you for details of the data you require and your details. Included in the information requested will be:

  • search area
  • number of years/months of data to be included in the accident search

2. Upload one or more files containing location information e.g. scans of maps etc. Please have these files ready before continuing. This is necessary to ensure that we can respond to your request.

Please note: the limit on the size of file you can upload is about 5Mb. When scanning plans, save the file in JPEG format to reduce file size.

We will normally respond within one working day of your request with a quotation for undertaking the work. If you wish to proceed you will need to provide an official order. HFAS will endeavour to meet your request within three working days of receiving your official order.

If you have any queries please ring Diane Chiu, 0161 244 1773.