Transport Assessments
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Transport Assessments Processes subsequent to LDF Land Allocations include specific development proposals, which if of a size and scope of transport significance will need to be supported by an impact assessment with a suitable quantitative and qualitative evidence base. We can assist this further stage in the development process in a variety of ways. For the local authorities we offer a Transport Assessment review service, within which we advise on the suitability of the submitted evidence including corroborating the underlying transport demand assumptions and operational assessments as the case may be. This includes close working with TfGM UTC with respect to any proposals involving traffic signal control. We make use of a GM traffic counts database and the national TRICS development site database, as well as a variety of junction and network assessment “models”. We have also developed a “Devtrips” package to assist in distributing anticipated traffic demand to the highway network in order to understand routing and network stress, and a recent evolution of this service includes a Public Transport derivative. Equally, as required, we can work with developer’s consultants to scope and/or provide elements of the service in conjunction with the local authority so that submitted evidence has a greater level of underlying agreement and acceptability – which can help smooth the consider the application. Relatively recent examples of TA involvement include:

Jackson’s Brickworks… Work here concerned the examination of access arrangements in the context of anticipated mixed employment and residential use. Work included traffic forecasting and junction analysis.

CIS, Miller Street… Assisting Manchester City Council officers in an appreciation of changing travel demands and operational impacts associated with the relocation and redevelopment proposals at a significant site located adjacent to the inner circulatory route.

Westwood Park… We helped Wigan Council progress consideration of extensive development proposals. Work included supporting environmental specialists in assessing the wider impacts of the proposals.